What To Do When You Doubt Yourself As A Leader

Leadership Lessons From Black Lightning

I had the pleasure of meeting comic book writer Tony Isabella in October 2017. Tony is the creator of the DC Comics first African American superhero Black Lightning.

black lightning Jefferson Pierce doubt his superheronessDuring my time with Tony Isabella at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, I asked him what was his favorite comic book issue to work on. Without hesitation, he said Black Lightning Volume 2 Issue 5.

Tony went on to explain why he enjoyed the comic book so much. Black Lightning’s civilian identity is Jefferson Pierce, the principal at Garfield High School. Pierce dons the Black Lightning costume to protect his students from the gangsters who want to recruit them to their gangs and do them harm.

In the Black Lightning comic recommended by Tony Isabella, something goes wrong. Walter Kasko, a teacher at Garfield High School, tosses himself in front of a young student named Lamar as gangsters burst into the room Walter, Lamar, and Jefferson was. Walter was riddled with bullets and died. Jefferson was injured and spent time in the hospital.

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Star Trek Beyond

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To boldly go where no man has gone before. Could any series have a better leadership tagline than Star Trek?

I think not.

Those 9 words speak volumes on how a leader should lead. He’s ready to go where no leader has gone before.

And that’s why Star Trek Beyond (buy it on Amazon) is the perfect vessel to delve into the mysteries of leadership.

Caution: Star Trek Beyond movie spoilers ahead

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Star Trek Beyond

1. You record adventures: Star Trek Beyond opens up as Captain James T. Kirk is recording the captain’s log. He’s doing a voice recording of what the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise has been through and how they’re feeling.

He’s creating a lasting record of what has happened.