What Are Your Values?

Megachurch pastor has had an affair and his marriage is in shambles. Multi-billion dollar corporation has filed for bankruptcy, corrupt accounting practices to blame. Employees go on strike after 5th employee injured on the job.

We’ve all seen headlines like this. They’re heartbreaking. They’re terrible. And they’re mostly preventable.

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How can I say this? Because, when you live a life of values you know where you stand. You know where the line is. You know where to stop.

Our world has lost sight of values. They believe they’re buzzwords or hyperbole. Values don’t matter, so they say.

But values DO matter. Values tell you who you are, what you’re willing to do, and what you’re not going to do. When you have values clearly defined in your life, you can withstand the storms coming your way.

Know Your Limits

Growing up, I remember the popular sayings of the time. We had No fear! We had Sweet! Or DUDE!

Every generation has a set of words that defines their generation. Those were but a few of the words that could define the 1990’s.

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A new phrase has popped up recently. The phrase is a dangerous one. It puts you in a dangerous position if you believe in it.

No Limits

I’ve heard this phrase so many times. Every time I hear it, I cringe.

I know the meaning behind the saying. It sounds good.

The dangerous phrase is “No limits.”

In the personal development world, we hear this a lot. We see people like Nick Vujicic who was born without limbs.

His story is inspiring. He has learned how to live outside of the limits others would have placed on him.

Success Isn’t Complicated

I was recently listening to a Facebook Live session hosted by Jonathan Milligan from Blogging Your Passion. He was sharing about blogging success.

He stated something profound. Well, it was profound to me, at least. Jonathan Milligan said:

Success isn’t complicated.

At first glance, you may say Jonathan’s lost his mind. His quote about success seems crazy. But the success quote isn’t.

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Take a moment. Digest what Jonathan shared in the Facebook Live session.

Is success difficult to achieve? Is it something you won’t be able to achieve?

I agree with Jonathan about success. Success isn’t complicated. Success can be very simple if you do a couple of things.

Your Most Valuable Leadership Tool

If I were to ask you to think of the most valuable tool you have as a leader, what would you say? I think many leaders would say their most valuable tool is their team or their knowledge in leading their team.

I think there’s something more important than either of those… Or, quite frankly, any other leadership tool at your disposal. It’s a tool you probably don’t think about but you should.

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Your most valuable leadership tool is your character.

Why Character Matters In Leadership

Bob Burg became well known for his famous quote (from the book Endless Referrals): All things being equal, people do business with and refer business to people they know, like, and trust.

Think about the quote for a minute. People will do business with people they

  • Number One: Know
  • Number Two: Like
  • Number Three: Trust

Who Is On Your Team?

Changing the course of your life and making the new year your best one ever is tough as it is. Sometimes we make change even tougher than it has to be.

Why is that? It’s because we keep the wrong people on our teams. We believe we have to take everyone along for our transformational journies…

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When you don’t have to. You can change up your team. You put some people on the bench, “trade” them, or bring new people onto the team.

But knowing who is on your team will do you well. You need to know who is on your team and what their positions are.

Who Is On Your Team?

Like a good sports team, you need to have certain key players. Baseball teams require you to have:

  • Pitcher
  • Catcher
  • First baseman
  • Second baseman