It’s Time For A Leadership PEP Talk

In many schools you’ll find a pep squad. The goal of the pep squad is to raise the school spirit and make people proud of their school.

You may also have had pep talks growing up. Someone shares a few words of wisdom with you, hoping to raise your spirits.

I don’t know when your last pep talk was but I think it’s time for a leadership P.E.P. talk today.

Whoa. Did you see there was something a bit different with the P.E.P. talk I’m talking about? It looks like an acronym.

You’d be right in thinking this way. This P.E.P. talk is going to be a little different but I think it’s going to help you.

Today’s P.E.P. talk is going to be an encouragement to lead well. Maybe even lead better than ever before.