The Poverty Minded Leader

The thought of poverty stirs up many images in my mind. The homeless man sitting outside of the local Wal-Mart. Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. The single mother working two jobs and still not making it work.

And lately my mind has wandered to leaders who are in poverty. Not monetary poverty but a mindset of poverty.

Ever met a poverty minded leader? I think you have and you’ll probably recognize him after this post.

Poverty mindsets can ruin you

Image by Ricky Flores

What Is A Poverty Mindset?

Let’s begin with this. What is a poverty mindset? What does it mean and what does it do to you?

A poverty mindset means:

Believing there will never be enough

Someone is always out to get what you have

Seeing life as a constant struggle

Decisions are based on fear

5 Fears Young Leaders Face

Starting out in leadership can be very scary. There’s so many great leaders out there. And you think of yourself as not one.

The intimidation is fierce.

Don’t worry though. Every leader faces fears. Even seasoned veterans.

We’ll discuss 5 fears every young leader faces today.

Fear is the path to the dark side, YODA

Image by JD Hancock

Even after years of being a leader, I still face fears. Some of them are fears I faced when I started out.

The fear isn’t pleasant. It’ll often hold you back from leading well.

That’s why we’ve got to be willing to man up and realize the fear isn’t our own. Everyone feels it. Everyone deals with it. Not everyone survives the fear though.

Today’s post should help you get through fears you’ll commonly face. Especially when starting out in leadership.

Get Rid Of The Worry

Our lives are filled with numerous choices. And every choice has multiple outcomes.

With all the possible outcomes, have you found yourself worrying? Wondering whether or not you’ve made the right choice or maximized the potential of the situation?

Worry has a funny way of doing that to us. Making us doubt our decisions and the direction we’re going.

I hope you’re ready to get rid of the worry, because that’s where we’re heading today.

Woman with a worried look on her face

Image by Francesco

The Problem With Worry

Worry is a powerful emotion. It can quickly grab control of us and spin our lives out of control.

Worry is a destroyer of dreams. Worry is a destroyer of potential. Worry is a destroyer of life.

According to WebMD, worry even has a negative effect on your body.

Worry often gives a small thing a great shadow.
— Swedish Proverb

I’ve Never Done This Before

I’ve never done this before are words we utter far too often. We feed ourselves the lie that we can’t accomplish something because we’ve never attempted it before.

We put dreams on hold. We stop challenging ourselves. We begin living complacent lives.

All because of 5 words we’ve given power over our lives.

Lock on door

Image by Wetsun

The Lie

When we begin telling ourselves we’ve never done something before, it begins to limit our potential. The lie tells us we’re inexperienced. Not needed. Or it’s too dangerous for us.

Instead of using I’ve never done this before as a reason to experience new adventures in life, we use it as a crutch to avoid the attempt. And possibility of failure.

It’s really an excuse to cover our fears.

“Men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than to obtain what they desire.”
— Dan Brown

What Are Setbacks Good For?

Life throws all sorts of craziness at us. Job losses. Relationship challenges. Devastating health issues.

Our lives are full of events that can set us back.

But I want to challenge you today to look at setbacks in a new light. One that will encourage you and help you move forward.


Setbacks are tough. They challenge us and change our lives. Sometimes they’re overwhelming.

Grieve your setbacks. You have to come to terms with your situation when a setback comes your way.

Name it. Say it. Begin to change it.

What Can A Setback Do For You?

This is the million dollar question. This is what will make you a champion or put you in last place.

Setbacks can either destroy you or they can refine you. The choice is yours.