8 Leadership Podcasts I Listen To

Great leaders are constantly looking to increase their knowledge. They know the more they know (and apply), the more effectively they’ll lead.

This thirst for knowledge is why I’m consistently asked what I’m reading and what I’m listening to.

Today, I want to share with all of you the top leadership posts I’m listening to and why you will want to check them out.

1. The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast: Andy Stanley has been a huge inspiration in my life. Having seen him multiple times at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA, he’s probably had one of the largest impacts on my leadership.

Though his podcast seems to be inconsistent in coming out, you will always learn a new leadership insight from this podcast.

2. The Catalyst Podcast: Catalyst is an organization that has helped shape my leadership style and focus. Co-founded by John Maxwell, they are dedicated to helping young Christian leaders lead their churches better.