Is Your Normal More Amazing Than You Think?

The hum-drum of your day job. The daily commute. The routines you have in place for your life.

They’re all normal to you. They seem natural to you. And they’re boring. At least in your eyes they are. I know these routine tasks can be to be.

But there’s something amazing in normal. Can you believe that?

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We want to fight against normal. The experts tell you that it holds you down. You need to break free of the normal.

I agree, in part. We need to break free of the normal habits that hold us back. But there’s parts of normal that are amazing.


You probably find a couple of talents that come to you naturally.

Playing a musical instrument. An amazing knack for mathematics. Fixing a computer problem. Singing beautiful songs.

Abnormal Leadership

Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Jesus.

All three were great leaders. Two created stellar companies. One created a movement that has spanned 2,000 years.

What else did these three leaders have in common?

Image by Francisco Huguenin-Virchaux Uhlfelder

They all went about leadership in an unconventional way. They broke from the normal and created a new path.

Richard Branson goes the distance to impress prospective customers. Backstage, before a speaking engagement, he approached Guy Kawasaki and asked him if he flew on Virgin Airlines. When Guy answered no, Richard gets on his knees and starts to polish Guy’s shoes with his jacket.

That’s not normal.

Steve Jobs created a juggernaut of a company with Apple. Coming up with the concepts of the iPod, iPad, etc. The company rose to astronomical heights. And he did it without focus groups. He broke with the conventional thought that you had to listen to your customers. He realized people didn’t know what they wanted until it was in their hands.