Go Have Fun

Leaders need to take themselves seriously. Leaders have a lot riding on the respect they have with the teams they lead.

Losing the respect they’ve earned can be a damaging blow a fallen leader may never recover from.

In guarding their respect, many leaders become hardened. They see life as one big job. Maybe they see it as one big masquerade they have to keep up.

However they view life and leadership, they feel they can never let their hair down and have a good time. This is where they’re mistaken.

What Happens When You’re Always On Guard

There’s always someone watching you.That’s a truth of leadership you’ll have to come to grips with.

Wherever you go, you run the possibility of crossing paths with someone you lead, someone you led, or someone you may lead in the future. Knowing this makes you feel the pressure that you need to be on guard all the time.