Why We All Need Time To Recover

One of the greatest travesties of the modern world is our incessant need to always be on. We’re told that we must work hard and work often.

Most of the time, we’re chided for taking time off, going on vacation, or spending time with family.

You’ll hear the screams of the uninformed telling you that you’re wasting your time. That you could be more productive.

Yeah, sure… That’s great.

But I’m here to tell you something. Something very few people are willing to admit.

We need time to restore ourselves. We need time to rest. We need time to recover.

And the items listed above are all ways to recover. Don’t feel guilty about doing something that brings you back to full strength.

Become A Brain-Savvy Leader: An Interview With Charles Stone

Leadership requires more from us than just showing up. We’re required to use our bodies and, more importantly, our minds to lead well.

That’s why I’m excited about today’s post.

Become a brain-savvy leader

I was recently able to interview Dr. Charles Stone. Dr. Stone is the lead pastor at West Park Church in London, Ontario. He’s been in church ministry for over 34 years. Along with his experience leading churches, Dr. Stone has an advanced degree in the neuroscience of leadership. And, recently, he released his new book Brain-Savvy Leaders: The Science Of Significant Ministry (Read on to learn how you can win 1 of 2 copies that I have to give away).

This man knows his stuff. And he’s ready to share with you.

Dr. Charles Stone on Brain-Savvy Leadership

1. What was your inspiration for writing Brain-Savvy Leaders?