Meetings Must Die (Have More Productive Meetings)

Meetings… Is there a bigger bane to a leader than a meeting that runs on and on and on? I think not.

Meetings have become a productivity nightmare. You wrangle in multiple team members, hold them hostage in a room for half an hour or longer, and then try to figure out a reason for the meeting.

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Find ways to have more productive meetings

Normally, you have a good idea going into the meeting what you want to accomplish. You may want to:

  • Figure out how to increase productivity on the shop floor
  • Decide what steps to take to increase cash flow for the business
  • Launch a new product that will revolutionize your industry
  • Choose a new team leader for a major product

Why You Need To Rethink Calling A Meeting

Just the mere mention of a meeting makes me cringe. Crazy thoughts run through my mind. And probably yours.

Meetings tend to be long-winded, only mildly on-topic, and rarely need you in the meeting the whole time. Yet here you sit.

That’s why it’s time for us to rethink whether or not it’s the right call to hold an in-person meeting.

Meetings don't have to be old-school

Meetings Are Good

They really are. They have a purpose.

Finding that purpose is the challenge.

Meetings are great when you need face-time with someone.

Meetings are great when you need to quickly hash out the details of a big project

Meetings are great when you’ve got all the information handy

But meetings often fail to meet these tests. They begin to delve into random topics and people don’t get a resolute answer.

Stop Being Late

Have you ever been in this situation? There’s been a meeting schedule. Everyone is on-time except for the person who has scheduled the meeting? Or your friends have invited you out for dinner. Only they show up half an hour later with no explanation given.

How does that make you feel?

Tempus fugit

Image by Alan Cleaver

Frustrated. Upset. Abused. Uncared for.

Emotions like these course through my body when others are late. I’m sure they do for you as well. It’s only natural.

But what if you’re the person who always runs late? Do you know that people view you in a negative light?

They may think:

  • You don’t care about the people you made plans for
  • You’re egotistical
  • You can’t be trusted
  • You are unreliable

Being late lands crushing blows to your reputation. Friends will fade away. Business deals could be lost. Relationships are strained.