Leading Is About People’s Lives

A sad trend I’ve seen in leadership is the focus on self. Leadership has, for a time, become more about theĀ leader than theĀ people. And leadership isn’t about the leader. Leadership is about the people.

Remember leadership isn't about you. Leading is about others.

Photo by Ezra Jeffrey

This is a leadership truth you have to remember as you lead. You have to think about the people. The lives of the people you lead. And how your choices impact those people.

Leading Isn’t About You

For a time, you may have been told leading is about you. You may have been told leadership is getting the job done, earning more money, or building a bigger organization.

None of those things are bad. In fact, many of those are good. Leaders need to get the job done. They need to build a bigger and better organization. And, if they do, earning a bigger paycheck isn’t a bad deal.