7 Things You Should Do Every Day

We’ve all got lists of tasks we need to accomplish for the day. It’s the way of successful people, right?

We often think we’ve got the important tasks on our list. But do you honestly have the most important things on that list?

I think we overlook the simple and important tasks we should have on our to-do list.

This past year has caused a lot of reflection on my part.

Losing my best friend. Life situations change. Seeing other loved ones pass away. Discovering and reawakening passions.

I look back at my life and wonder why I neglected so many important things throughout my days. Why did the unimportant get my attention? Why did I give away my time to things that never mattered?

Culture has a lot to do with this, I think. Telling us our value is in what we own. Or in what we do. Or the latest fashions.