Catalyst Atlanta 2013 LeCrae Moore

Note: These are rough notes while I’m at Catalyst Atlanta 2013. I wanted to share what was going on and let you in on the great leadership conference.

LeCrae is a hip-hop artist, writer, producer, raptor (rapper/actor), father, husband, and more. In 2012, he released the Grammy award winning album Gravity.

Lecrae speaking at Catalyst 2013

Image via Catalyst

He’s been a powerful force in the music industry.

Says his story is in the Bible and references

Ephesians 2

He was dead in his sin and transgressions but then God adopted him and made him His son. In reality, it’s all of our story.

He saw TuPac as more important than his own father figure. His mother was abused and seen too much corruption in the church that she didn’t want him to be a part of it.

Was an atheist in his youth.