Catalyst Atlanta Leadership Conference 2019 Recap

It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since the Catalyst Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia happened. This year was the 20th anniversary of the event and it did not disappoint.

If you followed along on my website, you saw me live-blog many of the sessions from the leadership conference. There was plenty of great wisdom dropped. There were also a few sessions I did not share from. During these, I took personal notes so I could reflect on those sessions.

Today, I want to recap the conference and remind you of what happened.

The Best Of Catalyst Atlanta Leadership Conference 2019

There were so many great speakers at Catalyst Atlanta this year it would be a shame to not have a recap of the event. My favorite speakers for the event had to be Horst Schulze and Earl McClellan. The MexiRican Bianca Juarez Olthoff comes in a close third. These speakers gave it their all and delivered a powerful experience.

Live Blogging Leadercast 2016

Today, I’m deviating away from my normal blogging schedule.

You expect a post from me on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week. A post that will peek your interest and inform you on a leadership topic.

Today’s going to be different.

Live blogging Leadercast Live 2016

I won’t be delivering one blog post today. Instead, you’re going to receive multiple posts.


Because I’m attending Leadercast Live at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s an event for leaders who want to become better.

And you might have heard of it before. Especially if you listened to my interview with Keith Wilmot.

As I attend Leadercast Live, I’ll be sharing my insights and takeaways from leaders such as Andy Stanley, Dr. Henry Cloud, Nick Saban, Steve Wozniak, Kat Cole, James Brown, CMDR Rorke Denver, and Chris Barez-Brown.

Becoming A Visionary Leader Through Leadercast Live With Keith Wilmot

The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 10

The guest for today’s Answers From Leadership podcast is Keith Wilmot.

Keith was the Global Vice President of Creativity & Insights at The Coca-Cola Company. In this capacity, he founded and launched IGNITOR, an internal creativity and innovation approach. His team was responsible for solving complex business challenges by translating insight into actionable, commercial ideas

Now, Keith is the President & CEO of Leadercast.

how to become a visionary leader

Show Notes:

What do you want listeners to know about you?

He married his high school sweetheart

He and his wife have 4 kids

And he has a dog named Brady

What does leadership look like to you?

You can look at leaders worth following in two ways: Values-based approach and a behavioral based approach

Awaken The Wonder – Catalyst 2015 Andy Stanley

Catalyst Atlanta once again opens up with Andy Stanley. He’s the senior pastor of North Point Ministries and the author of Ask It!

Catalyst 2015 Atlanta: Andy Stanley Awakens The Wonder

We’ve all experienced an awakening of wonder at some point in our lives. For men and women, it’s typically different.

For men, it’s when we walked outside one day and BOOM! We saw the girl next door and we experienced her beauty, we smelled scents that we never smelled before. Wonder was awakened.

For women, it happened when they were walking down the mall. That same store that was passed by multiple times or your mother dragged you into suddenly lit up as you saw that pair of shoes. Wonder was awakened.

Then, there was the wonder of babies being born, coming to faith, realizing God loves us unconditionally. Wonder was awakened.

When Wonder Is Awakened

Something magical happens when the wonder is awakened.

Catalyst Atlanta 2013 LeCrae Moore

Note: These are rough notes while I’m at Catalyst Atlanta 2013. I wanted to share what was going on and let you in on the great leadership conference.

LeCrae is a hip-hop artist, writer, producer, raptor (rapper/actor), father, husband, and more. In 2012, he released the Grammy award winning album Gravity.

Lecrae speaking at Catalyst 2013

Image via Catalyst

He’s been a powerful force in the music industry.

Says his story is in the Bible and references

Ephesians 2

He was dead in his sin and transgressions but then God adopted him and made him His son. In reality, it’s all of our story.

He saw TuPac as more important than his own father figure. His mother was abused and seen too much corruption in the church that she didn’t want him to be a part of it.

Was an atheist in his youth.