Fun Matters – Catalyst West 2018 Live Blog With Jon Acuff

Catalyst West 2018 Live Blog

Today, I’m live-blogging from the Catalyst West conference in Irvine, California. Throughout today and tomorrow, I will be sharing leadership insights from the best and the brightest in the church and business world.

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Jon Acuff is the next to take the stage. Jon is the New York Times Bestselling author of six books. His most recent book is Finish: Give Yourself The Gift Of Done.

Fun matters. In our culture though, we believe goals have to be miserable to be important. We go for the full marathon instead of starting with the half marathon or 10k. Heck, they even pass over the 5k.

If it’s miserable, it counts. If it’s not miserable, does it really matter?

The truth isĀ fun matters. And we have to get back to fun.

Look at how organizations set goals. Many organizations use something called S.M.A.R.T. goals. They’re specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Where’s the fun in that?

Don’t Let Criticism Stop You

Anyone doing a great work will be faced with a major roadblock. That roadblock known by many different names could be summed up in one word – Criticism.

Criticism, it’s the killer of mighty men. Criticism, it’s what will keep you from doing your greatest work.

We often think that fear is the greatest enemy of progress.

We’re fearful we’ll fail. We’re fearful we won’t be fast enough to market. We’re fearful we’ll look like fools.

Fear is a great killer of progress, yet it’s not the greatest enemy. There’s something far more sinister.

That something is our ability to take criticism.

Why Criticism Is Worse Than Fear

Fear holds us back. Fear tells us we can’t do something. Fear is scary.

But it’s not as bad as we think.