14 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Independence Day: Resurgence

A Reel Leadership Article

Much like Finding Dory, Independence Day: Resurgence was a long-awaited sequel. One many people thought would be released a few years after the original.

Now, we’re 20 years past the release of Independence Day. And we finally have the sequel we’d expected.


Many of the original cast members have returned for Independence Day: Resurgence. Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Brent Spiner, and Judd Hirsch (notable for his role in Numbers) all returned.

The notable exception was the main star of Independence Day: Will Smith.

We’re given a passable reason on why Will Smith is not in Independence Day: Resurgence. His character, Captain Steve Hiller, had died.

Knowing that Will Smith would not be in this movie has turned away a lot of potential viewers. Smith, himself, even says he regrets not taking on the role once more.