It’s Time To Claim Your Upgrade – Catalyst West 2018 Live Blogging With Graham Cooke

Live Blogging From Catalyst West 2018

Today, I’m live-blogging from the Catalyst West conference in Irvine, California. Throughout today and tomorrow, I will be sharing leadership insights from the best and the brightest in the church and business world.

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Graham Cooke is a very popular speaker with a passion for empowering the people of God to walk in their true identity. He’s been involved with apostolic teams since 1981 and cultivated his expertise in transitional development, corporate reinvention, and personal redefinition.

When God describes who you are, He then relates to you as you are that for the rest of your life:

God works from your identity. He doesn’t work from your circumstances.

Your circumstances are not your problem. Your perception of yourself is your problem.

God doesn’t see you as WHO you are. He sees you as you’re becoming.

God doesn’t do big change all at once. God does little changes through time.

Live-Blogging From Catalyst West

I’ve had the pleasure to bring you live blog updates from Catalyst Atlanta over the years. Today, I have the pleasure to introduce you to another Catalyst conference. Catalyst West takes place in Irvine, California at Mariners Church.

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This coming Thursday and Friday, you will see the blog explode with new content. I’ll be sharing content from the speakers at Catalyst West and posting a summary of their talks shortly after they’ve finished up.

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am. I can’t wait to share with you the thoughts of the following leaders:

Andy Stanley

Lysa Terkeurst

Patrick Lencioni

Erwin McManus

Bob Goff

Danielle Strickland

Carlos Whittaker

Robert Madu

Graham Cooke

Jay and Katherine Wolf

The theme for Catalyst West remains Of Good Courage. So each speaker will share how leaders can become more courageous and lead through fear and doubt.