How To Avoid Feeling Stuck At Your Job

Who hasn’t had a friend complain about being stuck in their job? It might not even have been a friend. You might have felt that you were stuck in a job you hate and couldn’t get away.

This even happens to leaders.

you're not stuck at your job

Why We Feel Stuck At Our Jobs

Feeling stuck at your job is a painful feeling. Not only does it bring on a sense of dread, feeling like you don’t have an option when it comes to your work drains the life out of you.

I’ve been there. My wife has been there. And I know plenty of friends who have felt that way.

We lose a bit of ourselves the longer we feel stuck. the more life is sucked from us.

Now, there’s plenty of ways one can feel stuck at their job.

People feel stuck when they don’t have the education to advance

Ten Steps That Will Help You Get Out Of A Rut

We’ve all been there, when you feel completely stuck in a discouraged rut.

What you do when you're stuck in a rut

Don’t give up, there is hope, a pathway out of your discouraged state and into life, energy, passion and purpose once again. And maybe you’re reading his and doing great, but you’ve a friend who needs to hear what’s about to be shared.

Below are ten steps, each of which you need to engage in with intent and focus. It needn’t be for a long time, but each step has the power to lift you out of your rut if that step addresses the problem. If that step doesn’t then return to step one and repeat.

  1. Find God.

All quests to get out of the rut begin here. Sometimes however awakening our awareness to God is a journey. This blog post: What every leader needs to do every three months will help you. If God still feels distant move onto step 2.