Tend To Your Own Garden

You see the church down the street bursting out the doors and needing a new facility. You see the organization across town booming with business.

And then there’s you. Yeah, you…

Your garden matters

Image by Holly Lay

Your church isn’t teeming with life. People seem to be fleeing from the church rather than running towards it.

Your organization can’t seem to keep volunteers. No one wants to be a part of what you’re doing.

You can’t understand why.

But there might be a simple reason you’re not seeing people come in the doors and you can’t hold onto people.

You’ve forgotten to tend your own garden…

You’re Distracted

Whether it’s your church or your business, you’ve grown distracted from what you’ve started. You no longer see what’s happening right in front of you.

Rather, you’re looking across the street or on the other side of town.