The One Thing Great Leaders Know They Must Do

Great leaders know they must do lots of things. Great leaders need to be aware of their team’s emotions. Great leaders need to be consuming and creating fresh content. Great leaders need to take people to new heights.

But great leaders also know there’s one thing that is required to lead well. What is that one thing? Keep reading to find out.

Great Leaders Do This

We already know that great leaders do many things. All of them are part of great leadership but there’s one thing that help mediocre leaders move to the level of greatness.

This action is something most of us have done all of our lives. Yet we hate it. We struggle with taking this action.

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable because doing this makes us feel like less of a leader. Other times we don’t think we can do this because we haven’t been able to find the right one.

Break The Mold

I look back on my life and think about the heroes I had growing up.

As a kid, it was superheroes. Wolverine, Batman, Duke from GI Joe, or some other super-powered hero. Or my father.

Growing older, I began to realize there were others out there. Michael Hyatt. Dan Miller. My former youth pastor Rick South. An old English teacher Mr. Gibner. And still my father.

All of these guys have been a huge inspiration on my life.

Why We Try To Fit Into Other’s Molds

So much so that I tried to copy their styles at one point or another. Trying to make my life look like theirs. After all, they are successes.

Amazing products and works have been done because of them. Children have grown into capable adults. Lives have been touched.