How To Get Effective Leadership Feedback With Dr. Natasha Ganem

The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 008

On today’s show, I have Dr. Natasha Ganem. Dr. Ganem is a business consultant, group trainer, and keynote speaker specializing in leadership development. She is the founder and director of Lion Leadership and writer for the ROAR blog, where readers gain perspective on themselves, their organizations, and how to reach their potential at work.

How To Get Effective Leadership Feedback With Dr. Natasha Ganem

Show Notes:

What else do you want listeners to know about you?

Founder and director of Lion Leadership
Lecturer at University of Georgia
A mom

Why is leadership important to you?

She is very interested in it academically
The ways organizations function and the ways people operate within that group fascinates her
It’s interesting the way one person can bring people together and have them work cohesively, especially given their varying personalities

What has your leadership journey looked like?

3 Ways To Welcome Feedback As A Leader

Leaders are constantly trying to give feedback to their team. It’s essential that your team know whether or not what they’re doing is correct. Thus feedback has to be given.

But how often do you stop and welcome feedback as a leader? Stop and think about that…

If you’re like most leaders, you’ll discover you haven’t been receiving feedback as often as you should. Maybe not at all.

It’s easy to dismiss feedback the further up the chain you get. Whether it’s as an organizational leader or the leader of your home. The higher you rise, the harder it is to welcome feedback.

To become a great leader though, you have to be open to feedback. Feedback tells you whether or not you’re doing something right, if it’s effective, or if things need to change.

Start listening to the feedback given to you.