Danger Must Be Known Before Fear Can Be Felt

One of the worst feelings we have is false fear.

We build ourselves into a frenzy of fear by claiming there’s a danger here and there. It’s everywhere to some people.

The fear only takes hold when we place a level of danger to an action.

Man rock climbing

Image By Alex Indingo

Some people fear leaving the house. Having children. Growing old. Being abandoned. Skydiving.

I face some of those fears. And I have others. Like public speaking. It terrifies me.


Because I’ve associated it with something dangerous. Failing. Stumbling over my words. Looking like a fool.

Yep. To me those are the dangers of public speaking.

But what happens if we took away the sense of danger? The fear begins to subside.

Without danger, the fear has no hold.

10 Bad Leadership Traits You Need To Avoid

Have you ever had a boss that was totally clueless? Never knew what was happening? Or what was the next step to take?

Probably drove you crazy. It’s driven me crazy in the past. He had bad leadership traits.

But reflecting on my own leadership, I know I’ve done things that drove others insane. You probably have too.

Man falling from mountain sign

Image by Matthew Howarth

It’s an easy thing to overlook. We’re so busy leading and taking care of what needs to be done. Missing the cues that we’ve messed up and created a mess is easy.

We need to be careful of this. If we’re not, we’ll drive our team away.

Beware of these ten leadership failures…

  1. Being arrogant: Not much worse than a leader that is arrogant. Unwilling to compromise and come to an equitable solution. And shouting how great you are to anyone and everyone that will listen. You may be knowledgeable but, remember, there’s always someone better than you.