Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Hellboy 2019

A Reel Leadership Article

The movie theater has been a great place for those who love comic book movies. Last week, theatergoers were treated to the DC Comics movie Shazam! In two weeks, audiences will be treated to the Avengers: Infinity War sequel Endgame, and this weekend saw the release of Dark Horse Comics Hellboy.

Hellboy is the 3rd Hellboy movie to be released in the theaters. The first two starred a man who nailed the look of Hellboy, Ron Perlman. Sadly, Perlman did not return for the latest entry in the Hellboy series as this is more of a reboot than a sequel.

Hellboy, Alice, and Major Ben Daimio in the new Hellboy movie 2019

The Hellboy movie is based upon the Mike Mignola comic books and graphic novels. Hellboy is stuck in a war between the supernatural and human worlds.

While I remember the original Hellboy movies to be a fun, fairly upbeat series of movies, the latest Hellboy movie takes a dark turn. It’s much darker and grittier than the previous movies. This will turn some people off.

Leadership Lessons From My First 25k Run

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t make it? That your body was going to fail? Your legs felt like jello?

That was me on May 12th, 2012.

Finish Line of Race

Image Via Creative Commons

I decided I would do my first 25K run by participating in the 35th annual 5th 3rd Riverbank Run. For those not familiar with the metric system, that is 15.625 miles in the imperial system. It’s quite the distance.

Through my training and the actual run I learned 4 valuable leadership lessons.