Why Leaders Should Enjoy Entertainment

The gurus were wrong...

When I began diving deep into the personal development world, I was fed a lie. I was told not to do this one specific activity. Years later I regret buying into the lie.

Successful people don’t do this. Successful people run fast and far from this. And successful people don’t partake in this activity at all.

Lies, lies, and more lies.

Leaders need to enjoy entertainment too

So, what was this activity so many personal development and leadership gurus told me? These gurus told me and countless others to flee from the evils of entertainment.

Well, as Ash Williams said in the cult classic movie Army Of Darkness “Me? I’m through running.”

Why Leaders Should Enjoy Entertainment

There have been plenty of reasons given as to why leaders SHOULDN’T enjoy entertainment. These excuses range from

There’s no time in a leader’s day to listen to music or watch a movie

You Can Grow And Still Enjoy Entertainment

With everything that’s been going on in my life, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. Trying to discover, or rediscover, what makes me happy.

Surprisingly, I’m finding that I’ve avoided activities that brought joy to my life.

This discovery made me wonder what had happened. Where did I go wrong?

Enjoyment at a concert

Image by Nattu

What I’ve Discovered

I became a follower of many leadership gurus. Guys who are striking it big and helping people become all that they were meant to be.

Knowing great leaders follow great leaders, I decided to follow their advice to the letter.

In the short term this decision has helped me to reach the point that I am at today. And I’m glad I followed their advice.

Because of their advice and lifestyle, I was able to cut back on television and music consumption. Empty hobbies according to some leading experts.