Go Waste Your Day

Our time is valuable. We all get that.

We also know we have a limited amount of time every day. We all get 24 hours or 1,440 minutes or 86,600 seconds.

Once those are gone, the day is done, never to be repeated again.

It's okay to waste your day

Image by JD Hancock

Because of this, we’re often told we need to make the most of each day. We’ve got to pack it with as much activity as we can muster.

It’s the way of productivity. It’s the way of the successful. It’s the way of the wise.

Waste The Day

It’s also the way of the dull. The boring. The stickler.

No one actually counts each second of their day. Few account for every minute they have.

Regardless of what people share online, we need to spend time wasting our days away once in awhile.

Make Every Day Special

Ruts are easy to get into.

We begin with thinking that everyone is out to get us or maybe it’s that no one is for you. We let the negative thoughts slip into our minds.

Doing so hurts us in more ways than one. But a major way our negative thoughts robs us is in the way it makes our days less special.

What makes your day special?

Simple pleasures make every day special

Every Day Is Special

Even in the mundaneness of our days, each day we have is something marvelous.

Most of us are able to run and jump and play and have fun. We are able to take deep breaths of fresh air. We’re able to look up and see the bright blue sky or the awe-inspiring darkness of night.

Should You Always Take The More Productive Path?

What’s a struggle you face frequently? One struggle I face is taking the path of least resistance. The path that will get me to my goal quicker.

The more productive path… Or so I want to call it.

But should I, or you, always take the more productive path? Is it really what we need to be doing?

Or is there a better way?

My Thoughts

Leaders always want to find newer and better ways to accomplish tasks. If we’re able to reduce the amount of time a task takes, we should do it in the, supposedly, more productive way.

This is what we’ve always been told.

Finding the quicker ways to finish a project means we can fit more in our day. We can train more people. We can lead from different vantage points.