10 Ways You Can Acquire The Attitude Of Gratitude

The world is a pretty messed up place. We hear story after story of negative news.

Violence. Crime. Death. These fill the news headlines.

It’s easy to begin to wonder if there’s any happiness left in the world.

And I can say that YES, there is happiness left in the world. One way to obtain this happiness is to acquire the attitude of gratitude.

Learn to be grateful

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The attitude of gratitude is a life changing principle we can all grasp onto. This principle is simple to implement yet hard to master.

Today, I want to help encourage you to become mindful of what you’re grateful for with these 10 ways to acquire gratitude.

1. Think on the past: At first, you’ll think this is crazy talk. The past is bad and filled with pain. I agree, there’s quite a bit of pain in the past. I know first hand from having to put my dog down.

6 Ways To Demotivate Your Team

Great leaders do something special. They know how to motivate their team and get them excited about what’s ahead.

Bad leaders, you can guess, do the opposite. Bad leaders know how to demotivate their team.

They’ll sap the energy from any project. They’ll make their team doubt their abilities. They’ll leave people frustrated.

Demotivation doesn’t serve your team well. Rather, demotivation brings your team down. Demotivation makes your team angry and frustrated. Demotivation will send your team looking for new opportunities.

But so many leaders do this. They fall into a pattern of negative leadership that harms their teams.

So, lets take a look at 6 ways to demotivate your team and learn from this negative leadership habit.

1. Talk negatively about your team: Want to demotivate your team faster than anything else? Talk about your team in negative terms. Let other people within your organization know that you’re disappointed with them.

Stop Jealousy In It’s Tracks

Have you ever seen a friend or family member surpass you to reach their goals, all the while you can’t seem to catch a break? During these times, jealousy really seems to rear it’s ugly had.

You’ll hear the bitter whispers of jealousy telling you that you’re not good enough. Jealousy will tell you that your friend is doing something wrong. Or you might hear jealousy tell you that your hard work doesn’t matter.

Jealousy is a dangerous emotion to keep around.

Why You Must Stop Jealousy

Our emotions can easily overtake our thoughts and begin to affect the way we act. Think about the last time you were angry or sad? Your actions changed based on those feelings most likely.

This is why jealousy is so dangerous.

Wave Your Hands Like You Just Don’t Care?

My mind keeps wandering back to the song Word Up! by Cameo. The lyrics, wave your hands like you just don’t care, are drawing me in as I write this.

I don’t care today. My actions are showing how I feel.

And it’s not pretty.

Who doesn't care?

Image by Mike Baird

While I say this, I’m not sure it’s the truth. Do I really not care? Or is there something deeper, darker going on?

We all have days where we’re trapped in a funk. We feel like we just don’t care. We don’t want to deal with anyone.

You’ve been there, right? I’m not all alone here, am I?

Good, that’s what I thought.

When we’re in the position of “not caring,” we’re in a dangerous position. Our feelings betray us and tell us it’s okay to act out.

You Can’t Care For Others If You Won’t Care For Yourself

One of the prime goals of a leader should be to care for others. Whether it’s through the desire to influence someone to perform better or to see someone accomplish their lifelong goals, we have to care to help people succeed.

Yet we so often forget to care for one person in particular. This person is very valuable and requires attention to perform at peak levels.

That person is YOU! Yes, YOU! You need to care for yourself.

Yes, we must be aware of the needs and desires of others. We must be willing to step forward and care for them. Though not at the expense of your health or mental well-being.

Winter is coming to an end soon and as you know the flu season has been a nasty one this year. Lots of sickness being spread around the offices.