Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Pete’s Dragon

A Reel Leadership Article

Do you remember the book or movie Pete’s Dragon? I vaguely do.

Those memories of Pete’s Dragon are found memories, as vague as they are.

leadership lessons from petes dragon

I remember the oddly drawn green dragon and the little orphan boy the story revolves around. Recently, Disney decided to remake Pete’s Dragon.

Can I say WOW?!? The new Pete’s Dragon was a stunning recreation of the original that made this grown man feel like a little kid.

Pete’s Dragon also held amazing leadership lessons. Let’s dig into those.

Warning: Pete’s Dragon spoilers ahead

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Disney’s Pete’s Dragon

1. Pete’s Dad:

That’s the other thing about adventure, you’ve got to be brave

Seconds into Pete’s Dragon, we hear Pete’s dad telling Pete that adventurers are brave. They have to be. Because that’s what is required of those who take risks.