My Dog And I Were Attacked And What I Learned From The Incident

Image this: You’ve been cooped up inside because you’ve felt under the weather for four days. You finally start to feel better so you decide to take your dog for a run.

That was me a couple of days ago. I felt like crud in the morning. My throat would burn and I would feel groggy throughout most of the day.

Lok the Vizsla after a run

Lok and I after our run

I was stoked to get outside for a run. Honestly, I think Lok was more excited than I was. Still, you get the picture.

We’re both excited. We run for 4 miles and the run was great. Our pace was just above 8 minutes per mile. There were no stops (other than a couple of potty breaks for Lok). And Lok got to go for a swim.

I think we were both on cloud 9 at this point. We both felt good and we were happy with our run.