We Can’t Go Back And Get A Do-Over

When you were a kid, did you ever get a mulligan? Mulligans are do-overs.

You struck out but call a mulligan on that final swing. Something wasn’t right. Or during a disc golf game. You released too early and the disc flopped 2 feet in front of you.

At those moments, we all want a do-over. We want to go back in time to change what happened.

So we call a mulligan. We say, “Let me try again.”

They’re the same thing.

Getting a do-over doesn’t change the past. We can’t go back to before we swung the bat or threw the frisbee disc.

It’s just not possible…

Why We Want Do-Overs

Do-overs help us mentally correct what went wrong in the past. We think by doing something NOW, it can overcome what happened in the past.