Live Leadership Notes From Matt Chandler At Catalyst 2014

Matt Chandler is the pastor at The Village Church in Highland Village, TX. Not only is he an amazing leadership guru, he’s battled cancer and has won the battle.

Matt Chandler speaking at CatalystThe first day of Catalyst has been amazing. Matt is finishing up the first day of Catalyst and I’m positive he’s going to blow us away.

The text Matt Chandler is using for tonight’s message is Revelation 7:9-10. Chandler likes this verse because it tells of what will happen in the future.

Christ didn’t die for those that might believe but for those that WILL believe.

We can go boldly because we know that our God cannot fail. This should give us hope.

While we’re imperfect, God still uses us. How cool is that?

As God calls us out to lead, we can be confident that we will succeed. Why? Because God does not lie when He calls us.

Live Leadership Notes From Robert Madu At Catalyst 2014

Robert Madu is taking the stage. He’s a pastor, a husband, and soon-to-be father.

Robert Madu speaks at Catalyst

Hebrews chapter 12:1-2 and 1 Samuel 18:5-9 are going to be his base verses in the message he’ll be sharing today.

Hebrews talks about stripping ourselves of the things that hinders us and to run the race.

How do we run the race? We run the race by keeping our eyes on Jesus.

1 Samuel tells us about David and how he did what he was told to do. Not only did he do it, he did it well. There was singing that praised Saul for killing thousands but David for killing tens of thousands.

A thought entered my mind that when we do things well, we may make those who are over us angry. We may also give into jealousy and comparison which will drive us crazy.

Live Leadership Notes From Dr. Caroline Leaf At Catalyst 2014

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a neuro-scientist who will hopefully change the way you think. Dr. Leaf has released a book titled Switch On Your Brain: The Key To Peak Happiness, Thinking, And Health.

My wife checked out Leaf’s Catalyst lab session yesterday and absolutely loved it. I’m hoping for great things from this session.

Dr. Caroline Leaf speaks at Catalyst 2014

People wonder how can science and faith work together. Leaf believes they compliment each other.

A great quote she mentioned was that Science is a way of admiring God. A beautiful sentiment.

God designed us able to change. The way he wired our brains allows us to change ourselves. That’s why the Bible mentions the renewing of our minds.

Science has begun to catch-up with what the Bible tells us about life. Amazing.

If you’re going to change, you have to be desperate

Live Leadership Notes From Tim Keller At Catalyst Atlanta 2014

Tim Keller’s message is going to be what it takes to change yourself inwardly, enduringly, and deeply.

You won’t be able to change the world if you don’t know how to change yourself.

Timothy Keller speaks at Catalyst

How to change deeply?

You need to know 4 things and do 4 things to change yourself. What are those 4 things you need to know?

1. Know the magnitude of your sin problem

Romans chapter 7 has Paul making a statement. Paul states that he knows what is right to do but he can’t do it.

That’s an odd paradigm, don’t you think? Paul, a great man of God, knew what he needed to do yet he couldn’t do it. We’re often in this position, aren’t we? We know what we need to do but we struggle with carrying out what we know we need to do.

Live Leadership Notes From Dr. John Perkins And Mark DeYmaz At Catalyst 2014

Dr. John Perkins is a forefather of the reconciliation movement and Mark DeyMaz 

John Perkins on race and reconciliation in the church

Image courtesy of Catalyst

A question Mark has been asking himself is “If the kingdom of God isn’t segregated why are the churches we attend?”

This question should get us thinking. We’re more segregated in our churches than almost anywhere else.

The segregation we see in our churches can be depressing.

Mark Deymaz Speaks at Catalyst 2014

Our big question should be how do we integrate our churches? Can we bring together neighborhoods which are diverse and have them begin attending church together?

And if not, why can we not bring together people and have multi-ethnic churches?

The church at Antioc appears to have been the first multi-ethnic church. A great number of miracles and happenings in the church were first observed there.

God is using race to heal the church