How To Be Grateful When Difficulties Come Your Way

Earlier this year, I had a really rough day. It didn’t start that way but itĀ sureĀ ended that way.

Pam and I had returned the day prior from our vacation to St. Ignace, Michigan. We’d spent a wonderful week exploring the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and spending valuable time together. The trip was great.

Woman standing by the beach with closed hands

Photo by Joshua Reddekopp

I was expecting a nice, relaxing day on Sunday as Pam and I would be celebrating her birthday and getting ready to start the next week. Only things didn’t play out the way I expected. Our plans changed because of a car accident.

We’d attended church and were headed home. I was driving the same route I normally take when I saw a dirt bike up ahead. He wasn’t too far away and it looked like he was slowing down and moving to the right shoulder of the road.

Accidents Happen

On Saturday, the weather turned nasty. Winter had arrived once again in Michigan. We received between 3-7 inches of snow within a few hours. Driving became a brave undertaking.

Image Courtesy of Chris Scott

This happened as we had to make a 45 minute trip back from my sister’s home. It was not a pleasant trip. The normal 45 minutes took us 120 minutes.

The roads were treacherous. And we slowed down and drove with extreme caution. Even going as slow as 25mph on the highway.

At one point, I hit a patch of black ice. The truck was only traveling at a speed of 25-30mph. It was too fast.

Our truck started to fishtail. It swung from the driving lane to the passing lane and back again. We came close to hitting concrete barriers.

Thankfully we avoided an accident but it scared me.