The Waiting Game


It is not something that I like to do. I, by nature, am a very impatient person. Microwave popcorn just doesn’t seem to pop fast enough for me.

What to do when the microwave isn't fast enough?

Image by Pascal

When I exercise, I don’t lose pounds or inches fast enough. I constantly contemplate quitting the gym.

Have a repairman come late, I am crawling the walls.

I want things done. And I want them done NOW.

But growth, the kind that matters, usually is done very slowly. You can’t literally see a plant grow unless you have a time lapse camera. You can measure it from time to time, but the Jack and the Beanstalk overnight thing is just a fairy tale.

I need to:

Be more patient with others. When I lead others, I need to look at the potential in each of my team members and plant the seeds to have them grow their potential.