Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

A Reel Leadership Article

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I’ve never been a big Dungeons & Dragons nerd. I knew little of the backstory going into the movie except that the kids in Stranger Things played D&D a lot. While watching, I was surprised to hear the names Neverwinter and Baulder’s Gate dropped. I didn’t know they were D&D related, but I had heard of or played games revolving around them.

I also knew that D&D had a bad rep in communities because people linked it to bad behavior, anti-Christian behavior, and more. Most of these have been debunked.

The new movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, only helps to break that stereotype more. As I watched the film, I saw so many connections to positive behaviors, repentance, and more. Don’t shy away from this new movie because of things you may have heard about D&D. You’ll miss out on a lot.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Skyscraper

When I first saw the trailer for Skyscraper with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, I was hooked. The trailer for Skyscraper looked like a cross between my favorite Christmas movie Die Hard and Liam Neeson’s Taken. With those two movies combined, it had to be good.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson in Skyscraper movie

Skyscraper tells the story of Will Sawyer. Will is a former FBI agent with a prosthetic leg after a botched hostage negotiation. He goes on to build a security consulting agency and is tasked with assessing the security and safety of the world’s largest skyscraper, The Pearl, in Hong Kong.

Things begin to go bad and the skyscraper goes up in flames. While this would be issue enough, Will soon discovers his wife Sarah Sawyer (Neve Campbell) and their twin children, Georgia Sawyer (McKenna Roberts) and Henry Sawyer (Noah Cottrell). Will knows he must go to extreme lengths to save the ones he loves.