You Can’t Microwave Yourself To Leadership

Many years ago, Pam and I did something that seemed strange to many people. This even seemed strange to me.

We got rid of our microwave.

Microwave leadership is bad

I know most people rely on their microwaves for a quick meal. They toss in leftovers or pop in a hot pocket and wait 2-3 minutes for their meal to be done.

We can’t do that at our house anymore. We have to warm up the oven or heat the stove burner.

We then have to wait until the food is warmed up or cooked.

This takes much longer than using the microwave. The cooking/heating time can be 5 to 10 times longer than using the quick way.

You Can’t Microwave Leadership

I’ve run across people who want to microwave themselves to leadership. They want it quick and easy.

These so-called leaders want:

The Importance Of Simple Answers

We all know the importance of communication. It’s the lifeblood of our organizations. Great communication helps us to send a clear message to our teams.

But how often does our communication get muddled in complexity? Have you ever thought of the importance of simple answers and simplicity in communication?

The more I think about this, the more I draw the conclusion we must be able to give simple answers in our communication.

Sure, there’s times when we must use the terms of our industry. There will be times outsiders won’t understand what we’re talking about. The key is nailing it down in simple terms.

Complex Answers…

We’ve all run into the person who has to have the most detailed answers. They can go deep into the issue. Yet you come out confused and perplexed by what the person has shared with you.

Dont’ Forget To Fill Both Gas Tanks

Gas tanks are wonderful things. They hold the fuel we need to drive our cars to the places we need to be.

Your car probably has one gas tank. Did you know that you have two gas tanks you have to watch the gas gauge for?

It’s true. In a recent interview Nick Vujicic mentioned this principle.

I really liked this idea and wanted to share it with you. It’s an area leaders really need to be cognizant of.

Your First Gas Tank

The first tank you need to be aware of is one you use to feed your followers.

This one is used to give of ourselves to those that we serve. We’re pouring our time and energy into giving them the information and leadership they deserve.

It’s spending time one on one with individual team members. Encouraging them. Mentoring and giving growth.