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Live Blogging At Catalyst West 2018

Today, I’m live-blogging from the Catalyst West conference in Irvine, California. Throughout today and tomorrow, I will be sharing leadership insights from the best and the brightest in the church and business world.

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Bishop W.C. Martin is an adoption advocate and pastor fo Bennett Chapel Baptist Church. He’s also the author Small Town, Big Miracle.

Clay Scroggins had the opportunity to interview W.C. Martin.

C) Where are you from?

W) I’m from Possum Trot, TX. The one on the other side of Coonville.

C) How long have you been there?

W) I’ve been pastoring there for about 30 years.

C) Give us two or three interesting things about Possum Trot?

W) We have no McDonalds. But we have possums, raccoons, and more.

C) What is the name of your church?

W) Bennet Chapel Church.

C) Tell us about the problem you found out?

W) In Possum Trot, they have small families. My wife had 17 siblings. God spoke and said to give back. Any time you have problems, God will answer prayers. So we got involved in what we call adoption. We got a little boy and a little girl. They had been in 9 homes in the last year.

C) So you adopt Tyler and Mercedes. But it didn’t stop there. Andy Stanley said one extraordinary act of courage spreads. How did your adoption go from one kid to many?

W) I looked in the Bible and it says everyone has been adopted. The Bible tells us we’ve been adopted because of Jesus. Even Jesus was an adopted child.

C) You were imaging what God has done for us. But how did you get the people from your church to buy into adoption?

W) It wasn’t about what we didn’t have. It was about what we did have. We had the love of God. You look at WHAT you’ve got.

C) When you look back on what you’ve done, what has it done for your church, you personally, and the community?

W) The four that I’ve adopted has taught me a lot about psychology. Adoption has taught me kids have problems too. We have a small congregation but it’s caused my church to grow. We have got to embrace this thing called adoption. Adoption has been swept under the rug. But adoption is a call from God. So, I encourage you to get involved.

C) Take a few minutes to encourage those who feel like adoption is a thing they need to do?

W) Stop trying to figure out the end. We can’t do that. God told us to walk by faith and not by sight. We walk by faith and God made provision. Everyone can do something. There shouldn’t be children in the system waiting on parents. There should be parents waiting on children.

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