Stop Shoulding… Start Doing

Are you shoulding everywhere?

I far too often find myself shoulding. And I know I shouldn’t should myself.

You shouldn’t should yourself either. Shoulding yourself puts you in a bad spot.

Your shoulding is stopping you from greatness

Photo by Christopher Sardegna

But what is shoulding? Shoulding is the act of saying “I should take care of my estimated taxes” or “I should spend more time with my wife. She really deserves my attention.”

Instead, we let those ideas be shoulds

And our relationships suffer. Our businesses suffer. Our personal health suffers.

Shoulding is a form of procrastination. One you should put to rest.

When you start saying “I should…” stop yourself. You’re about to wreck yourself.

You can change your “I shoulds” to “I wills” or “I ams.” The way we use our phrases impacts the actions we take.

Shoulding gives you an out. It allows you to say “Yeah, I should do that but I don’t have the time.” Change your talk to “I am going to exercise because it is important to my health.” Or “I will leave the office tonight because I want to spend time with my wife.”

Once you’ve changed your wording, begin to change your action. Start doing what you say you’re going to.

This is going to change your life. You’re going to find yourself doing more than you imagined or have done in years.

Question: What do you need to stop shoulding and start doing? Let me know in the comment section below.

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