Stop Holding Your Tongue

The Speak Up! Series

There’s a time and a place to hold your tongue. You and I both know this. But we frequently hold our tongue much more than we need to.

We have great ideas. They are life-changing or organizational changing ideas. And we hold onto these ideas without speaking up. We hold our tongues.

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It’s time to stop holding your tongue when it comes to the ideas and insights you have. You’ve been given clarity others have not been given. Stop holding your tongue.

When the opportunity presents itself to share your ideas, share them. Don’t be scared of what others will think. They’re not the one offering up an idea. You are. You’re the one they asked.

Be bold. Be strong. Be courageous in sharing your ideas.

Stop Holding Your Tongue

You have a responsibility to those around you. Your responsibility is to help lift them to the next level. You can do this!

All you have to do is free your tongue. You have to stop holding your tongue and start speaking your wisdom.

Allow yourself the freedom to share what’s on your mind (to a reasonable extent). What you’re thinking may be the breakthrough others are looking for.

When you hold your tongue, you are holding back your genius. You’re telling yourself and others your ideas are not valuable.

They are. The world needs to hear what you have to say.

Stop holding your tongue. Start sharing your genius.

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