Stop Being A Consumer

Here’s a hard truth we all have to swallow.


Is it time to stop consuming?

What’s A Consumer?

Typically, the term consumer is bandied about in the retail world. A consumer is someone who consumes a product or service.

They’re paying, sure. But all they’re doing is consuming.

They take the product. Use the product. Return for more.

It’s all about consumption.

The world doesn’t need more consumers.

What The World Needs Instead

Let’s stop being people who continue to consume. We have enough people doing this.

Rather, become a person who contributes.

That’s what the world really needs. People who pour back into others.

Whether that’s through mentoring a young student or serving in the local church or stepping up at work. We can be people who serve the world.

I can do that. You can do that. WE can do that.

Contribute To The World

I want to see you out there serving others.

You have skills. You have abilities. You have value you can offer.

Step out of the comfort of consumption. Step into the wild world of contributing.

What you have to offer, I’m not sure. Yet I know there’s something you can do.

We all have it.

I mentioned mentoring or serving in the church or stepping up at work. There are more ways you can be of value to the world.

You can contribute by:

Writing blog posts

Sharing other people’s work

Making something worthwhile

You can do this. I know you can.

So, what are you waiting for?

Question: Are you a consumer or a contributor? Why? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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