Speak Up Before It’s Too Late

I’ve missed many opportunities in life because I was afraid to speak up.

An uneasy fear rises up when I feel the desire to offer up an idea or oppose a plan. It’s frustrating.

It’s also been holding me back.

Recently, I had the idea to create a video library showcasing what our MRP software could do.

The videos would include demos of placing an order, creating a job, and shipping a product, among other things. I thought it was brilliant.

But not enough to speak up. That was a mistake.

A few months after having the idea to create demonstration videos, another person in our company spoke up. He recommended we create videos detailing our workflow process.

This was right in line with my idea.

Only I never presented it.


I felt my idea didn’t hold merit

I wasn’t sure if it would be of value

I didn’t know if anyone would actually use the videos

I was fearful..

We frequently hold back our ideas. We’re afraid to speak up. We don’t propose new initiatives.

All because of fear.

We’ve Got To Get Over Fear

Fear holds us back from our potential. Fear tells us we’re not good enough. Fear tells us others will laugh. Fear tells us our ideas suck.

Fear does a lot of telling. Fear doesn’t do a lot of doing.

And when we give into fear, that’s what’s holding us back.

We stop doing. We stop trying. We stop being.

Instead, we allow fear to tell us what we can’t do. Have you ever noticed fear rarely tells us what we can do?

That’s why we’ve got to get over fear.

Fear will never let you do things.

Only pushing through the fear will you attempt challenging tasks. Only pushing through the fear will you put yourself out there. Only pushing through the fear will you accomplish big things.

Question: What have you failed to speak up about that you should have? Why did you do this? Let’s talk through the issue in the comment section below.

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