Sometimes Rest Will Be Forced Upon You

One of the things I really enjoy is an early morning run. I’m able to get up and out of the house before anyone is awake and hit the road running.

My mind becomes focused on completing the run within half an hour. Running is a blast.

And yet I’ve suddenly been sidelined. I’ve been forced to rest.

Ever been there?

I’ve been forced to stop running and rest because of a foot injury. There are days it kills to walk.

I knew something had to be done so I’ve cut back on running, almost to the point of quitting.

This isn’t what I wanted. I wanted to keep running. To stay fit. To log the miles.

But here I am. Sitting and waiting for my feet to heal.

I needed to listen to the pains in my body. They were telling me I needed to heal.

This healing process is something that has to happen though, if I want to continue running.

Now, how does this apply to our business lives?

Some of us enjoy leading our businesses. Working long hours. Putting in the gritty work. Making the breakthrough.

We’re hard on our bodies but we know it’s worth the reward in the end. Or is it?

What’s your body telling you? Are there aches and pains telling you to slow down? To take a break?

What’s your family telling you? Are they saying they’ve been ignored because you’ve placed work in front of family? Do they need you to take them on a vacation that doesn’t involve work?

Listen to your body and to your family. They can be an indicator of your health. Both physically and mentally.

The question is: Is it time to rest?

Question: Have you taken a rest lately? Is it time? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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