Sitting May Be Killing You

The latest health warning has been that sitting all day is bad for you. So bad, that they’re saying sitting may be killing you!

That’s a tough pill to swallow as most people spend a large amount of their day sitting behind a desk at work or driving back and forth to different work locations.

But that’s not the sitting I want to talk about today. There’s another type of sitting that is killing you (and your dreams).

From birth, we don’t really live but we are slowly dying. Every day we step closer to death. It’s a fact of life.

Death is chasing us. And we’re sitting there, waiting for death to catch us most days.

Instead of pursuing God’s design for our lives and living a life of purpose, we find ways to hide.

We hide behind a desk, saying we’re doing good work.

We hide behind a good book, saying we’re learning or enjoying ourselves.

We hide behind activity, we’re having oh, so busy and having fun.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with these activities, in and of themselves. We need to do good work. We need to learn and enjoy ourselves. We need to have activities in our lives.

But we often let these activities become the driving force of our lives. We become unaware of the way they draw us away from our passion and our purpose.

And, in this way, we are sitting.

We are sitting on a goldmine and we don’t even notice it.

Rather than doing the hard work that will bring meaning to our lives, we numb ourselves. Then justify it by telling ourselves we’ll be okay. It’s only this time. Next time we’ll put forth the real effort and make a difference.

Only next time never comes. Wait, that’s a lie. The next time comes but we become like a record that skips. We repeat the same soul-numbing activities, again and again.

We allow ourselves to sit on our passions. On our dreams. On our hopes.

Sitting is killing you. But you have a choice.

Stop sitting on your passions and your dreams and on your hopes.

Change your position. Stand up. Make the choice to chase after your dreams and passions today!

Question: What dream or passion are you sitting on? How can I help you stand up and grab for it? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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