Seven Reasons Your Business Needs A Standby Generator

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In many areas of the country, businesses are vulnerable to storms and power fluctuations that can cause your business a lot of downtime, as well as a loss of production or revenue. Whatever size of business you have, a standby generator is a good idea to either know or be able to get quickly from a reputable company. Here are the top reasons why you should, in order to sustain your power and keep your business running smoothly. 

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  1. Maintain customer contact. In the event of a widespread power outage, other businesses in your area may be unable to open, you will be able to stay in contact with your customers during the problem if you have a generator from somewhere like Dale Power Solutions. Depending on the nature of your business, being able to stay in touch with your customers in the event of a power outage might be an invaluable service that serves your reputation well. 
  2. Maintain light and security. If your standby generator has a transfer switch, as soon as your business loses power, the switch will sense this and be prompted. When the generator comes on, your business can continue to operate important lighting and security systems. This keeps your business, staff, and data safe. 
  3. Protect electronic data. Computers are vulnerable to power outages. If a storm or other problem throws out your power, then any data that is stored on hard drives that your business relies on could be lost. We all know that data needs to be kept secure, but it needs to be protected from power problems too. 
  4. Protect your income. A loss of power could force you to temporarily close your business, meaning you could lose out on a lot of income every day you are unable to open. A generator is a reliable source of backup power, allowing you to stay open and connected to your customer base.  
  5. Stay connected. A generator allows you to stay connected. You can continue to send emails, making and receive calls, and get online, even with the power out. This protects your ability to stay productive, as your employees can keep working. 
  6. Safety. A standby generator is a much safer and cleaner source of power than a portable, gas-powered generator, so it is a much better choice for larger businesses. 
  7. They’re always there. A standby generator can be permanently installed at your building, so you are always prepared for any kind of power failure. They are fuelled by natural gas or propane and is also connected to the building’s power grid. Having one installed means you can really minimize any potential downtime caused by power failure and have everyone working again as normal within minutes. 

A standby generator might not seem like the most obvious must-have essential for a business, but having one makes you better prepared for problems, allowing you to better protect your business. Owning or hiring one is a responsible business decision that all business owners should consider. 

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