Setting The Example

Leaderships is influence. We must be able to inspire others to action.

There are leaders out there who constantly wonder what they can do to garner this action.

What must they do to see their teams respond? What must be said to see action? What must be done for results?

Do what needs to be done, set the example

This Stormtrooper knows how to set the example – Image by JD Hancock

In my experience, there’s one thing that will inspire others to take action. To go the extra mile. To bleed for the company.

What is this one thing leaders can do? It’s setting the example.

What Does It Mean To Set The Example?

Guys, this is fairly easy to figure out. Realizing what setting the example is doesn’t take a lot of work.

Setting the example means showing your team what needs to be done. In all you do, show off the traits of a model employee.

If your idea of the model employee does:

Shows up on time

Stays on task

Puts the team first

Respects company property

Seeks the best for the company

You, as a leader, must be willing to do the same. Your position as a leader doesn’t garner you more rights. Your position demands more of you. Your position requires you to set the example.

What Setting The Example Does

Your team is watching you. They’re constantly monitoring to see if you’re living up to the rules you’ve laid out for them.

Honestly, they’re probably looking for you to screw up. They want to see that weakness that says you’re a hypocritical leader.

When you step up and set the example, you’re showing your team that you value them and you believe the rules and expectations you’ve set for the team also applies to the leader.

Not only that, when you set the example you begin to gain the trust of your team. They can see you’re the real deal. You’re willing to do what you’ve asked of them.

Why wouldn’t they trust you at this point?

Question: Are you setting the example or are you asking for things you’re not willing to do? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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