Push Through The Pain


Athletes know about pain. They feel it every day.

Pain comes when they push their bodies to the breaking point. In exercise. In eating. In resting.

Every practice, every competition, every workout… Their body is being torn apart.

Pain enters and leaves their bodies. Yet they continue to enter the pain zone. Not only that, they push through the pain zone.

As they push through the pain zone, athletes realize something. Pain is only temporary. If you go long enough, you can get through the pain.

Pain Is Temporary

I’ve discovered this in my running. Starting to run again after an injury has been difficult.

My body remembers the motions, but the body has lost its endurance. Within minutes, my body wants me to quit. My body is screaming at me that running hurts.

And it does. Running hurts, a lot.

Well, at least at the beginning.

The first 5 to 10 minutes are the worst. My feet pound the pavement and become tenderized. The constant striking and pushback from the ground punishes my feet.

Then it’s my heart. It’s telling me that I’ve pushed it too hard.

Only I haven’t. The pain is temporary.

Pushing through the pain and getting past the beginning pains of running, I find myself beginning to enjoy the run.

My thoughts become clearer. The pain begins to ease. Running becomes fun.

I’ve experienced the same pain and relief as I’ve led as well. It’s oddly the same situation.


We feel a lot of pain as we begin to lead. It’s natural.


It has to do with the growth we’re experiencing as we take on the responsibilities of leadership. Our minds and spirits aren’t use to being used.

Our leadership muscles are weak.

Starting out in leadership, you haven’t used a lot of the leadership muscles you’re going to need to lead well. They’ve laid dormant, unused.

But when you start to see yourself as a leader, you have to exercise leadership skills you may have never used.

Flex those leadership muscles. Get them warmed up. Stretch them. Push them. Use them.

Get ready for a long run.

You’ll still feel the pains of leading but you’ll also realize the pain will come and go.

You can push through the pains of leadership and continue to lead.

It hurts, but you can do it.

Question: What pains have you felt as a leader? How did you push through the pain? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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