michael j fox quote on family is everything
Family is not an important thing, it is everything – Michael J. Fox Quote

It’s easy to forget the most important organization you run: Your family. They’re there when you leave for work and they’re then when you get home from work.

Yet we don’t put the same effort into our families as we do our work. You can change that. Find ways to win with your family.

Go for the journey!
Success Is A Journey

We get caught up in the here and now that we forget that success isn’t the destination. Rather, success is a journey. One we take day by day.

Real leadership is equipping new leaders
What is real leadership?

Real leadership is not seeking the applause from followers; real leadership is applauding followers who become leaders – Onyi Anyado

Is there a truer definition of success than this? Leaders are to equip and applaud followers who step up and become leaders themselves.

What are you doing to help those you lead become leaders?