Live Leadership Notes From Robert Madu At Catalyst 2014

Robert Madu is taking the stage. He’s a pastor, a husband, and soon-to-be father.

Robert Madu speaks at Catalyst

Hebrews chapter 12:1-2 and 1 Samuel 18:5-9 are going to be his base verses in the message he’ll be sharing today.

Hebrews talks about stripping ourselves of the things that hinders us and to run the race.

How do we run the race? We run the race by keeping our eyes on Jesus.

1 Samuel tells us about David and how he did what he was told to do. Not only did he do it, he did it well. There was singing that praised Saul for killing thousands but David for killing tens of thousands.

A thought entered my mind that when we do things well, we may make those who are over us angry. We may also give into jealousy and comparison which will drive us crazy.

It’s not so funny when you compare yourself to other people in life

We tend to fix our eyes on others. We look for someone to compare ourselves to. Someone we were never called or created to be.

Our issues and problems arise because we have begun to try to be who we’re not. We’re becoming inauthentic.

2 Corinthians 10:12 tells us we’re not wise to compare ourselves to others. Comparison will cloud the clarity of what Christ has called you to do. Scary stuff as we compare ourselves to others all the time.

There’s a difference between a career and a calling

The challenge is to run your race, stay in your lane, and to look to Jesus. When we begin to look around and see what others are doing, we set ourselves up for a big-time crash.

Saul has become a case study of how comparison can create a downward spiral.

But me questions will make you stumble. They take the focus off of what’s important. The But Me glasses takes your eyes of off Jesus.

You’d be so much more content if you got off of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Ello. The social media networks has made it so much easier to play the comparison game.

Wonder what your life would look like if you decided to stay in your own lane and focus on what God has in store for you? You’re not Michael Hyatt. You’re not Dan Miller. You’re not Paul Sohn. You’re not Joseph Lalonde.

You’re you. Stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on who you are and live out a life that’s tailored to you.

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