Live Leadership Notes From Dr. John Perkins And Mark DeYmaz At Catalyst 2014

Dr. John Perkins is a forefather of the reconciliation movement and Mark DeyMaz 

John Perkins on race and reconciliation in the church

Image courtesy of Catalyst

A question Mark has been asking himself is “If the kingdom of God isn’t segregated why are the churches we attend?”

This question should get us thinking. We’re more segregated in our churches than almost anywhere else.

The segregation we see in our churches can be depressing.

Mark Deymaz Speaks at Catalyst 2014

Our big question should be how do we integrate our churches? Can we bring together neighborhoods which are diverse and have them begin attending church together?

And if not, why can we not bring together people and have multi-ethnic churches?

The church at Antioc appears to have been the first multi-ethnic church. A great number of miracles and happenings in the church were first observed there.

God is using race to heal the church

Dr. John Perkins begins his side of the talk and shares his experience of being tortured in a jail cell by the guards. His story is pretty grim at that point.

His desire has been to reconcile the church to reflect the kingdom of God. He wants to bring every nationality together in the church, just like God’s desire.

We don’t know the depths of the damage of resisting God

What can the existing church do to reconcile race issues?

Join with the new generation to help your church to reflect the kingdom of God

Put reconciliation back into the Gospel

How have we as an evangelical church made reconciliation a sidebar of the church?

Perkins believes this happened when the first slave ships arrived on our shores. We had to make beliefs fit with this happening.

But we can now preach a whole gospel. A gospel that brings people to together

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