Live Leadership Notes From Dr. Caroline Leaf At Catalyst 2014

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a neuro-scientist who will hopefully change the way you think. Dr. Leaf has released a book titled Switch On Your Brain: The Key To Peak Happiness, Thinking, And Health.

My wife checked out Leaf’s Catalyst lab session yesterday and absolutely loved it. I’m hoping for great things from this session.

Dr. Caroline Leaf speaks at Catalyst 2014

People wonder how can science and faith work together. Leaf believes they compliment each other.

A great quote she mentioned was that Science is a way of admiring God. A beautiful sentiment.

God designed us able to change. The way he wired our brains allows us to change ourselves. That’s why the Bible mentions the renewing of our minds.

Science has begun to catch-up with what the Bible tells us about life. Amazing.

If you’re going to change, you have to be desperate

Are the mind and the brain the same thing? Leaf says no. The mind controls the brain.

There are zones in our minds. The love zone and the fear zone. We were designed to be in the love zone of our brains.

We’re wired for love. We learn fear.

Why do we make a mess of our lives?

God gave us choice to choose. When we choose, things happen. We can choose life or death and we’re always choosing between these.

The Bible tells us to choose life so that we and our descendants may live. How many of us actually realize this?

The good news is we’re not responsible for our father’s sins. This means we don’t have to live with the consequences if we choose to change.

Our thoughts form tree shaped dendrites within our brain. Depending on our thoughts, the dendrites either grow properly or deform.

We can unbecome

We create environments around us. These environments affect us and can change us.

Scientists took a single cell and the cell split into 1,000 different cells. The scientists then took these cells and split them into 3 different groups. The groups were each placed into different groups.

A crazy thing happened. Depending on the environment, the cells changed. One group became fat, another became bone, and the last group became skin.

This shows us that the environment our cells are in affect them in adverse ways.

Wherever you direct your attention is what will grow. Our minds will direct chemicals depending upon what we focus our thoughts upon.

There’s been a lot of talk about how much time it takes to form a habit. The general consensus had been a habit takes 21 days to form.

That line of thought is being shown to be false. The time it takes to form a habit is actually much longer. A minimum of 63 days is needed to form a new habit.


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