Live Leadership Notes From Christine Caine At Catalyst Atlanta 2014

Christine Caine speaks at Catalyst 2014Christine Caine took the stage and is full of energy. She starts off by sharing that she recently had surgery to remove thyroid cancer from her throat. It’s an amazing recovery and she’s doing well.

She’s a change maker because of her work with A21. A21 is an organization that helps rescue young women from human trafficking.

We’ve got to give attention to working out our spiritual core much like we work out our physical core. It’s the center.

Paul wants us to run the race and finish the course. But far too often we start but never finish. We’ve got to work on the problem of starting but not following through.

Matthew 22:34-40

Our foundations should hang on two things:

Loving God with all of our heart and soul

Loving our neighbors as ourselves

We’ve often do love our neighbors as ourselves But there’s a problem with the way we do this. Why? Because we don’t love ourselves well.

Until we change ourselves we will never change the world

Passion will make us to do things we normally we wouldn’t do. Let’s keep the passion going.

We can easily let our hearts become toxic. When we’re not allowing God to lead and guide us, when we don’t dive into the Word, we let our hearts become sick.

We need less of us and more of Him

A toxic heart will leak into every area of your life. Your leadership, your relationships, your everything.

The older one gets, the less people you’ll find that want to actually change the world. When you’re young, you will see people lining up the door to change the world. Ten years later, the amount of people dwindle. And eventually you may find only yourself responding to the call to change the world.

Skinny jeans does not make one a leader

How do you run and not grow weary? Fill yourself with Jesus.

God doesn’t want visitation rights with his leaders. God wants to move in. There’s a reason for this. We put on a show for visitors. For those we live with, you see the real deal. Why not give God the real you?

We need to be intentional about what we’re thinking. This includes being ruthless about what’s going into our minds. That’s where many of our problems are coming from.

The thoughts and ideas we’re allowing into our minds are far too often negative or unclean. By doing an arbitrage on our minds, we can affect our lives.

You need to get rid of the worriers and get warriors that will stand behind you. Make sure you’ve got the right people who can help you guide your train of thought.

Want to improve your leadership? Know what God says and live it out. Repeat to yourself what God says about yourself.

Question: Who are some of the warriors you have standing beside you? If you don’t have any, who can you get by your side? Let’s share who’s on our side in the comment section below.

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