Live Leadership Notes From Chris Brown At Catalyst 2014

Catalyst announced a special guest for us today. That guest was Christ Brown.

No, not Rhianna’s Chris Brown but Chris Brown who works for the man Dave Ramsey.

This Chris Brown is a pastor and wants to help people learn proper stewardship.

Chris Brown of Dave Ramsey Group Speaking at Catalyst 2014

Hopelessness is sweeping across the country. You may not have noticed the issue. But it’s there.

We’ve got to dig deep and discover the reason for the hopelessness.

Part of the issue is the pedal to the metal speed of life. The long hours at work. The desire for bigger and better.

These things are the real issue for hopelessness, these are some of the symptoms.

People Are Starving For Margin

As we go deeper and look at the real issue, we begin to discover there’s a lack of stewardship and margin within our lives. Our lives are filled to overflowing with tasks that fill our lives but leave us feeling empty and agitated.

The good news is we don’t have to live this way. Our lives were created for more than rush, rush, rush.

But we’ve got to learn stewardship and margin.

Stewardship allows us to tell our days which way they should go. Stewardship allows us to tell our money where it will go.

Margin gives us time freedom. Margin allows for things to go wrong.

Learn how to be a steward of your life and create margin within your life.

This is how we can rid ourselves of hopelessness.

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