Why Small Choices Derail Big Dreams

What big dreams do you have? Or, should I ask, what big dreams did you have when you were young?

Me? I longed to become a video game designer. I wanted to design the next Final Fantasy game.

But I didn’t. Instead, I took a few college courses and began working. And then continued working and pursuing other passions.

Small choices determine the course of our lives

From the outside, one could think it was the big things which derailed my passion of designing video games. Thinking this would be incorrect.

What really derailed my passions were the small choices. The small choices I made and didn’t make.

Why Small Choices Are So Important

Our small choices are what really guide our day-to-day actions. They’re what we’re doing to create our lives.

And, because of this, we easily overlook what guides us to our dreams.

I could easily blame college or a career for me not pursuing my dream of creating a video game. But it wasn’t those things that caused me to abandon the dream I’d had.

It was a small, daily choice to not practice the craft of video game coding. It was my little choice to pursue money here and now rather than long-term fulfillment.

My small choices led me down a different path. One that didn’t include having my name in the credits of a video game.

Instead, I made small choices to pursue money and pleasure. I didn’t make the small choice to give up the now for the later.

The small choices mattered.

Focus On The Daily, Small Choices

If you want to become successful, you’ve got to focus on the small choices in your daily life. Each choice you make leads you on a new path.

At the time, the choices you make may not seem to add up to much. But they do.

The average life expectancy in the United States of America is 78.74 years. Or 28,740 days. Or 689,760 hours. Or 41,385,600 minutes.

Over the course of your life, you’re making many small choices every minute. Imagine those small choices were the wrong choice.

You could put your life on a drastically different course. One that was headed for destruction.

Even if you only made 1 small choice a day. You would have 28,740 small choices.

Those choices add up. They lead you in a direction you either want or don’t want to head.

But you’re making the choices.

Focus on those daily and hourly choices. Create momentum in the way you want to go.

Take hold the small choices. They’re determining the direction of your life.

Question: Have you thought about the importance of the small choices you make? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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